Vision Statement

"We exist to serve a risen Savior and to reconcile man with God and with one another"


Core values are those values which provide the motivation and conviction for all church plants.

1. Obedience to the Father

A value founded upon finding where God is at work and joining Him at His work. We were called out for His purpose which is  taking Christ to the ends of the earth that all may hear the gospel.

2. Every Church a world missions sending center.

A value founded upon expanding the base for conducting missions. Church planting does not find its completion in New Hampshire, but moves beyond our state into the world.

3. Relationships founded on honesty and integrity.

A value that seeks to build upon interpersonal relationships of   honesty and integrity in leadership.

4. “Live Free or Die”

A value that is found on every license plate in the state that presupposes there is one thing in this world that possess enough value worth risking and giving ones life for. That value is a freedom found only in Christ.

5. Leadership

A value that seeks to create and utilize leadership that is intentional and motivated from a sense of conviction and not practice.

6. Reconciliation

A value that recognizes that reconciling the relationship between God and man is foremost as well as reconciling relationships between man and man. Teaching those within that relationship the need and importance for proper man to man relationships as well.